Clint Eastwood stars in this action-packed story of justice and vengeance! Former lawman, Jed Cooper is unjustly accused of cattle rustling by a posse, and they hang him. But he survives, and now, wearing a badge again, he is now out for justice.


Hang ’em High

Clint Eastwood comes to INSP in this action-packed story of revenge and justice! Stars Clint Eastwood, Inger Stevens, Ed Begley, Pat Hingle, Bruce Dern, and Dennis Hopper.

The Oklahoma Territory in 1889 is a dangerous place. The territorial judge presiding at Fort Grant is known as a “hanging” judge, and more often than not, posses of bloodthirsty men, though ordinary, well-respected members of their communities take the law into their own hands before a suspect ever makes it to court. Former lawman, Jed Cooper is about to learn this hard lesson first hand.

As Jed drives his small herd of cattle across a stream, a local posse with Captain Wilson, Reno, Miller, Jenkins, Matt Stone, Charlie Blackfoot, Maddow, Tommy and Loomis surround him, and accuse him of stealing the herd. Jed produces the receipt that proves he legally bought the herd, but the men ignore it. They tell him the real owner was killed, and Jed bought the herd from a rustler. Jed argues he knew nothing about the murder, and he pleads his innocence. Only one man in the posse, Jenkins, takes Jed’s side, but he is powerless in convincing the others. Reno steals Jed’s saddle and Miller takes his wallet, and the men hang Jed from a tree, and ride off, leaving him for dead.

But this is Jed’s day to cheat death. Federal Marshal Dave Bliss is riding by when he sees Jed hanging. He cuts him down and discovers he’s still alive. Not knowing whether or not Jed is an outlaw, he puts him in irons and takes him to Fort Grant to appear before Judge Adam Fenton, known as a notorious “hanging” judge. Luckily, Jed’s story seems plausible to Fenton, and he lets him go, but warns him not to take the law into his own hands.

Fenton learns Jed was once a lawman, and he knows the look of a man who wants vengeance. He offers Jed a post as a Deputy US Marshal, and assigns him the task of capturing the men who attempted to lynch him, but he wants the men alive to face justice in a court of law. Jed accepts the badge.

Now the hunt is on and when Jed spots his saddle on a horse outside a small town saloon, the first of his prey is in sight. When Jed attempts to arrest Reno, he draws his gun and Jed is forced to shoot him. Word that Reno is dead and Jed is alive spreads like wildfire, and Jenkins, afraid of a similar fate, turns himself in, and names all the other members of the posse. Now Jed has a list and he’s eager to put a line through each name on it. Knowing they’re marked men, Miller the leader of the hanging posse, gives his men a list, too, with one name on it: US Deputy Marshal Jed Cooper. Their orders? Finish what they didn’t get done the first time around.