Audie Murphy stars in this action-packed Western! A Colorado sheriff and his posse chase train robbers into New Mexico to save his town from ruination – and a kidnapped woman from a deadly fate.


Gunpoint (1966)

Audie Murphy, Joan Staley, and Edgar Buchanan star! This action-packed Western features spectacular scenery, train robberies, gunfights, stampeding horses, angry Apaches…and of course, INSP fan favorite, Audie Murphy.

In the 1880s, a villainous band of outlaws – known as the Drago Gang – terrorize the Colorado Territory. They would often come to Lodgepole, Colorado, commit crimes, and then escape back to the safety of their New Mexico fortress.

Sheriff Chad Lucas guesses that Lodgepole is about to be the next town victimized, especially since there’s a train due with money for the bank. So, he and his deputy, Cap, ride out to station to see if there’s trouble brewing.

The gang is already there waiting for the train to arrive when Chad and Cap get there, so the sheriff tells his deputy to wait there while he rides out to warn the train. However, Cap follows him – and shoots Chad, leaving him for dead.

Chad has no idea that Cap covets his job and is working with the Drago gang. The gang steals the money intended for the bank and, as they escape, they kidnap a saloon singer named Uvalde…who just happens to be the sheriff’s former girlfriend.

Just as Cap is about to be sworn in as the new Sheriff of Lodgepole, Chad staggers inHe’s very much alive, full of grit, and determined to bring the Drago gang to justice.

Chad wastes no time gathering a motley posse to take with him into New Mexico to do battle with these thieves and kidnappers.Now he wonders:  can he save the town from bankruptcy and ruination – and Uvalde from a deadly fate?