Farmer and peace-loving, part-time sheriff, Johnny Cobb is content with his quiet life in sleepy Firecreek. When a crew of bandits settles in, and their seemingly harmless antics turn vicious, he must decide: Will he continue with his mild-mannered way? Or live up to his badge and take back his town.



Stars INSP fan favorite James Stewart, along with Henry Fonda, Inger Stevens and Dean Jagger.

Fun Fact: Good friends in real life, James Stewart and Henry Fonda play bitter enemies in this action-filled film of overcoming adversity, standing up for what’s right and achieving the ultimate justice.

The tiny frontier town of Firecreek is so quiet and idyllic the citizens have no need for a real sheriff. The townsfolk go about their business, living their lives in relative harmony.

Peace-loving farmer, Johnny Cobb accepts the honorary position of part-time sheriff, though his services are rarely needed. In fact, he doesn’t even have an official badge. He wears a rough-hammered tin star made by his young son. Johnny’s life is one of contentment and fulfillment. He works the land, tends his sheep, loves his family, and his wife is soon to bring another child into the world. In a matter of days, the good life in Firecreek will change forever, and the character and strength of its residents tested beyond their breaking point.

One day, notorious gunman, Bob Larkin and his band of outlaws ride into town. Larkin is wounded, and needs to lay low in order to recuperate. But his men are restless, and of such vicious natures that while their leader is healing, tended by his former love, a kind-hearted landlady, Evelyn, they run around town intent on causing trouble. As they terrorize the people of the town, Larkin seems to have little interest in stopping them, and Cobb feels powerless, as no one will come to his aid, except, Arthur, a mentally-challenged stable boy.

When one of Larkin’s men commits a heinous crime, and Arthur is targeted by the outlaws, Cobb must take a hard look at his own integrity and decide: Wait for Larkin to heal, and hope they all go away? Or be the one man who will stand up for what’s right, and take back the town.