Joel McCrea stars! Escaped convict Wes McQueen has one last train heist before he’s finally free. But his dream of marrying a good woman makes him reconsider the robbery. Can McQueen find love and live in peace?


Colorado Territory (1949)

Joel McCrea, Virginia Mayo, and Dorothy Malone star! Escaped convict Wes McQueen plans one last train heist before he goes straight. He’s been sprung from jail by an old friend whose gang needs his help, but when Wes meets a pretty woman, he dreams instead of a quiet, married life. But what he wants and what he must do are two very different things. The people who broke him out of prison expect him to see the job through, so they come away with a big cash haul. Plus, the law is after him too and offering a $10,000 reward for McQueen—dead or alive. Now he wonders: will he ever find love with a good woman and enjoy freedom?