Elvis Presley stars! Jess Wade tries to leave his old gang and go straight, but the gang frames him for stealing a priceless Mexican cannon. Can Jess clear his name – and save lots of innocent lives?



Elvis Presley, Ina Balin, and Victor French star! Elvis turns in one of his best acting performances in this gritty Western that’s filled with hard truths, desperate lies, and the quest for redemption.

Jess Wade was once part of a gang of thieves, but he’s left that life behind. He wants to lead an honest life, but he’s forgotten one big thing: no one gets to leave gang leader Vince Hackett – unless he kills them.

When Jess rides into town looking to meet his old flame, Tracey, he’s ambushed by Vince and his gang. They drag him out of town, beat him mercilessly, and then brand him on the neck. This mark identifies him as the thief who stole a gold-plated victory cannon from Mexico. Vince and the gang are only too happy to let Jess take the fall for stealing that treasure.

Beaten, bruised, and branded, Jess is abandoned at the gang’s hideout. He manages to get back to town, despite being in terrible pain. He’s there when Vince’s troublesome younger brother, Billy Roy, shoots the sheriff.

Now, while the sheriff recuperates, Jess steps in as the temporary sheriff. Wade is none too happy with Jess, and he means to make him pay for jailing his brother. The Hackett gang demands that Jess let Billy Roy go, or they’ll use the stolen cannon to kill as many townspeople as they can.

This might be Jess Wade’s only chance to save the town and clear his name. But with Vince Hackett and his gang gunning for him, will one chance be enough?