Christopher Reeve and Tony Todd star! In this sequel, Ralph Holtz leads armed men to “rescue” Delores, the wife who chose to leave him. Can Britt save them—or will they all pay the price in blood?


Black Fox: The Price of Peace (1995)

Christopher Reeve and Tony Todd star! In this sequel to The Black Fox, it’s been over a year since the Comanche and Kiowa tribes attacked the settlers. But thanks to the intervention of Britt Johnson, a freed black man, the settlers have been left to live in peace. However, Ralph Holtz is still angry that his wife, Delores, chose to live with the Kiowa instead of coming home to him. Likewise, Britt’s “brother” and best friend, a white man named Alan Johnson, is still nursing ill will against the Comanche for the way they abused his wife. But when Ralph forms an armed gang of men to “rescue” Delores at any price, Britt tries to keep the peace. But will his efforts be in vain?