James Garner stars! Teamwork helps Luther Sledge and his gang steal gold from a prison. But it’s betrayal when the gang steals all the loot and runs away! Now, Luther will have his revenge….


A Man Called Sledge

James Garner, Dennis Weaver, and Claude Akins star! When outlaw Luther Sledge comes to town to visit his girlfriend, one of his gang members is killed during a poker game. Sledge quickly swings into action and kills the murderers. When he’s dispatched them, an old man recognizes Sledge and tells tales of gold hidden in a local prison. Intrigued, Sledge gathers his gang to find out if this man’s story is true. Once they confirm it, they put together a plan to steal all the gold. But soon, this gang of thieves turns on Sledge. They steal the loot and leave Sledge behind. If there’s one thing that Sledge can’t abide by, it’s a thief that steals what’s his….