Dale Robertson stars! After Marshal Alan Burnett’s life is saved by gunslinger Jagade out on the trail, he puts up with the outlaw’s bad behavior in town. But how far will he let this lawbreaker go?


A Day of Fury (1956)

Dale Robertson, Mara Corday, and Jock Mahoney star! On a quiet Sunday in the 1830s, a gunslinger named Jagade saves a stranger from being gunned down on the trail. He’s shocked to learn that the stranger is the marshal of his old town, West End—and is about to marry Sharman Fulton—his old girlfriend!

Jagade is no lover of a cleaned-up town, and he feels nothing but scorn towards Marshal Allan Burnett. He dislikes how the new West has become a place where the fear of God and a “hired gun” keeps people in line. Feeling like he owes a debt to Jagade, Allan treats him respectfully, but the townspeople misinterpret his actions as fear. They overreact to Jagade’s very presence, as if just by being there, he will corrupt the whole town. For his part, Allan is willing to let Jagade be a bit disruptive before he steps in and stops his shenanigans. But how far is too far when a gunslinger like Jagade is involved?