With Apaches on the warpath, led by Cochise, U.S. Army Captain Bruce Coburn needs a shipment of new repeating rifles to defend his fort. When a corrupt corporal steals the rifles intending to sell the guns to Cochise, Coburn gears up for battle with two enemies, one within his own troops.


40 Guns to Apache Pass

In Audie Murphy’s next-to-last film, the beloved Western star plays a stressed out, no-nonsense Army Captain who faces enemies on two fronts, perhaps the deadliest, among his own ranks!

After the Civil War ends, the Apache Indians led by Chief Cochise go on the warpath vowing to slaughter every settler in southern Arizona. Captain Bruce Coburn’s orders are simple: move the homesteaders to the fort and defend their position against the impending attack. But Coburn has a problem. In this lonely outpost, his recruits are inexperienced and his supply of guns and ammo is paltry. Luckily, the commander expects a shipment of 40 brand new repeating rifles, and he sends Coburn and a group of men to meet the transport as it crosses into Apache territory.

Audie Murphy in 40 Guns to Apache PassCoburn heads out with a motley crew of men, including disgruntled Corporal Bodine, a former Confederate soldier who still holds a deep and vengeful grudge against the Union Army. Coburn, known to be hard on his men has had to discipline Bodine severely, in the past, for his misbehavior and insubordination, even demoting him in rank. Also, on the mission, are the Malone brothers, Mike and Doug. They’re young and have more passion and foolish bravery than experience. Homesteaders themselves, they joined the army after their father was killed. Resentment towards Coburn for his tough leadership style is rife among the men. So, tension among Coburn’s men on this mission in hostile territory is high. And it doesn’t take long before the tension escalates to a breaking point.

Along the way, several Apache braves attack, and Coburn’s men attempt to defend themselves. He orders the Malone brothers to guard the horses while the more experienced soldiers take on the battle. But, the boys, eager to get into the thick of it, take up arms, and in one horrifying moment, Doug sees his brother dragged off screaming for help, but Doug is unable to move. He stands helpless, paralyzed by fear and overcome with cowardice, as he watches his brother die brutally at the hands of the Apaches.