Things You Might Not Know About…Misty Harris

We know she’s a barrel racing champ, has the cow sense to start her own cattle business, can help Cody work the ranch, and also be a loving wife and mom, but there’s a whole lot more to The Cowboy Way’s Misty Harris.

Here are a few fun facts about Misty, straight from the cowgirl’s mouth.

  1. Born and raised in Kiln, MS.
  2. Started barrel racing at the age of 8 and stopped when I found out I was pregnant with Carter.
  3. Parents bought me a tractor in high school. Cody jokes and says he first loved me for my “accessories.”
  4. Was an avid runner. I was diagnosed with gluten intolerance while training for a half marathon.
  5. Cody pointed out that I don’t drink anything until I’m finished with a meal. Never realized it.
  6. I have a sister that is eight years older than me who also owns a cattle company.
  7. I once left my date at homecoming to see my new horse that arrived that night.
  8. First vehicle was a Lincoln Mark LT truck that I still have. I’ve never owned a car.
  9. I’d rather spend money on my animals or the farm than going to the mall.  
  10. I grew up with a pool and never could learn how to dive. I have to hold my nose.
  11. My parents put me out in a pasture in one of the company trucks so I could learn how to drive a standard. They also taught me and my sister how to operate most heavy equipment.
  12. I’m actually super bashful.
  13. I once co-produced super show barrel races with my parents.
  14. I freak out when I get clothes stuck on my head! Can’t deal.