Take a Walk on the INSP Red Carpet!

Stylish divas, dreamy leading men and witty jokesters! Soulful songbirds and gritty crooners. The list of guest stars that have graced the screen on INSP shows is like a who’s who of Hollywood and Nashville.

So come mingle with celebs, and let’s get this virtual party started!

Untitled-4Before her Oscar-nominated role as a vindictive teen who wreaked havoc at the prom, Sissy Spacek played a different school girl with ulterior motives—making John-Boy her husband!



Untitled-4Who doesn’t love the long-haired, heartthrob soul mate of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman? Fast forward a century or so, and Joe Lando appears on another INSP favorite, JAG—as Mac’s estranged, ex-con husband!



Untitled-4It’s just like old times when Don Knotts reunites with Andy Griffith on Matlock!



Untitled-4Speaking of Andy Griffith…can we say one degree of separation? Look who showed up on The Big Valley! Ron Howard!

Untitled-4Legendary actor, Ernest Borgnine offers sage advice on Little House on the Prairie!




Untitled-4The good country doc crossed paths with some of country music’s finest over the years.



Untitled-4Looks like a certain star has a long history of whispering to horses! Robert Redford, as an ex-con, may be less talkative than The Virginian!