State Plate Thanksgiving Midday Buffet: Colorado

Thanksgiving Feast – State Plate Style!

What are you whipping up for Thanksgiving? Turkey with all the trimmings? A regional favorite or a secret family recipe? We love discovering tasty delights! So, we’re serving up some of our favorite State Plate tips, trivia and recipes to go along with our weeklong State Plate Thanksgiving Midday Buffet! Dig in! Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 20th at 1p ET

On the Buffet Menu Today…State Plate: Colorado

Appetizer: Rocky Mountain Oysters

Entrée: Lamb

Side 1: Olathe Sweet Corn

Side 2: Pueblo Green Chilis

Dessert: Rocky Ford Cantaloupe


State Plate: Colorado Fun Food Facts

Don’t be Sheepish…Try Lamb

Grass-fed lamb is a nutritious lean meat. Here are ways to enjoy different cuts:

  • Shoulder – Stew
  • Shank or Breast – Braised
  • Lamb Chops or Rack of Lamb – Roasted or quick-broiled
  • Ground Lamb – Sautéed

Too Hot to Handle!

Was that pepper spicier than you expected? Don’t reach for a glass of water to cool the heat. Drink milk! Milk contains casein which will bind the pepper’s hot capsaicin oil and wash it from your mouth.

All You Can Eat!

During the first weekend in August every year, Olathe, Colorado hosts the Olathe Sweet Corn Festival. The price of admission includes all the corn you can eat, and apparently attendees love their corn. The festival goes through more than 70,000 ears of corn each year.

Sweet Talk

Want to eat healthy? No need to give up sweets! Satisfy your sweet tooth with 1 cup of cantaloupe cubes (5.5 oz.) for just 53 nutrition-packed calories.


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