It’s only fitting that Taylor Hicks should travel to Colorado. After all, the largest flat-top mountain is in Grand Mesa. Okay…you’re thinking. Well, “mesa” means table in Spanish, and what do we do at the table? Eat!

Singer and entertainer Taylor Hicks tastes his way across the Centennial State on a serious quest to discover the state’s most emblematic foods.

Things heat up in southeastern Colorado, as he roasts Pueblo green chilies then turn cool and sweet when he picks Rocky Ford cantaloupes. In Denver, he scientifically proves just how much sugar is in Olathe sweet corn. And in the heart of the Rockies, Taylor tries his hand at herding world-renowned Colorado lamb, and samples the state’s famous Rocky Mountain oysters.

It’s an overflowing plateful of Colorado cuisine with the stories and legends behind the state’s tastiest foods.

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Appetizer: Rocky Mountain Oysters
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Entrée: Lamb
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Side 1: Oslathe Sweet Corn
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Side 2: Pueblo Green Chili
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Dessert: Rocky Ford Cantaloupe
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