20 Signs You’re Addicted to The Waltons

The Waltons:

If you display any of these symptoms, you are an official “Waltons” groupie! Luckily, we have a cure. See our schedule for immediate relief.

1. Every night, before you go to sleep, you say “Goodnight” 12 times to family members, pets, friends, distant relatives, whether or not they’re actually in the house with you.

2. You’ve Googled “Peacock Breeders.”

3. You’ve drawn a mole on your face. (You’re a hardcore fan, if you’ve gone out in public sporting said mole!).

4. You wish you had “The Recipe.”

5. You quit calling your sibling by her name, and now call her “sister.”

6. You’ve hidden friends in your barn on more than one occasion.

7. You’ve called your grandpa or husband “Ol’ Fool” more than once.

8. You know what’s hiding behind one of your mama’s smiles.

9. You frequent flea markets looking for the exact replica of John-Boy’s typewriter.

10. You would pack up and move to a town where you could buy gasoline, play pool, and receive your mail all in one place.

11. You’ll never throw your friends a shivaree.

12. When you talk to yourself, you hear the voice of John-Boy.

13. You named your dog Reckless

14. You can recite “A Winter Mountain.”

15. Forget The Louvre in Paris! Your ideal vacation is a week at the Walton’s Mountain Museum in Schuyler, VA.

16. You’re still looking for a subscription form to “The Liberty.”

17. You spontaneously invite strangers to your home, in spite of getting odd looks.

18. When you type on your computer keyboard, you try to push the carriage return lever.

19. Your idea of a night out on the town is hanging out at the Dew Drop Inn.

20. You’d take a rocking chair porch over a high-rise terrace any day.