Bass Reeves Tracks Belle Starr

Legendary U.S. Marshal Bass Reeves travels to Belle Starr’s “Social Club” to arrest Belle and her husband, Sam, for horse theft. Rather than instigating a shootout inside the crowded club, Reeves gives the couple a 24-hour reprieve to find a caretaker for their daughter, Pearl. In return, they promise to turn themselves in the next morning. Instead, the family goes on the run, using every clever trick in the book to elude expert tracker Reeves. Eventually, the game of cat and mouse comes to an end, and Belle must decide between a deadly shootout or a peaceful surrender to protect her child. Years later, a best-selling dime novel elevates Belle to be the most popular woman in America, and gunfighter-turned-newspaperman Bat Masterson tracks down Pearl to get the real story behind her late mother’s underground criminal enterprise.