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Chow is so good in The Sooner State, you won’t be able to wait for the dinner bell to ring.


No Scheduled Airings

Entertainer Taylor Hicks tastes his way across Oklahoma, in search of the state’s most iconic foods. First, he goes on the hunt for fried rattlesnake in the high plains and then rounds up a plateful of chicken fried steak by Oklahoma City’s main cattle yards. Next, he leaves the fryer behind to help create some healthy sautéed summer squash before coming back to learn how the locals prepare fried okra. Finally, Taylor discovers the secrets of cooking up fried pie. It’s a heaping helping of classic fried cuisine from the Red River country, as we taste Oklahoma’s most celebrated foods.

Featured Plates & Food Contributors

Appetizer: Fried Rattlesnake
Burger Station

Entrée: Chicken Fried Steak
Cattlemen’s Steakhouse | Learn More
Oklahoma National Stockyards | Learn More

Side 1: Smashed Okra
Freed Family Farm | Learn More

Side 2: Summer Squash
Acadian Family Farm | Learn More

Dessert: Fried Pie with Strawberry Filling
Arbuckle Mountain Fried Pies | Learn More