On the Hunt

Elkhorn Season 1 Episode 6


Theodore Roosevelt paces the halls of Elkhorn cabin all night, struggling to find the right words. The family of his recently departed wife, Alice, has requested that he write a eulogy in her honor, and this is the first time Roosevelt has had to put words to his unthinkable loss. Sensing the need for a distraction, his partner, Bill Merrifield, suggests a grand hunt in the Bighorn Mountains to bag a bull elk, and Roosevelt leaps at the chance to escape his writer’s block. The arduous journey to Wyoming brings encounters with Cheyenne braves, haunting memories of Alice, and an unexpected dinner with a U.S. Cavalry regiment. When Roosevelt sees a severely wounded soldier who crossed paths with a grizzly bear, he quickly forgets about the bull elk and determines to hunt down the man-eating grizzly before it strikes again.