Desperate Measures

Elkhorn Season 1 Episode 5


Now that his cattle operation is up and running at Elkhorn Ranch, Theodore Roosevelt agrees to be photographed by a newspaperman. Determined to look the part, Roosevelt seeks out a seamstress to commission an authentic buckskin suit. While the cantankerous seamstress warns Roosevelt that buckskin isn’t well suited for the Badlands, Roosevelt collapses suddenly with another bout of enteritis, an illness that has plagued him his entire life. Out here on the frontier, without access to the proper medication, it suddenly becomes a matter of life or death. In a race against the clock, his trusted ranch manager, Bill Sewall, rides desperately into the Badlands to find the Sioux village that may have a remedy to save his friend. Meanwhile, the Marquis and Medora find themselves on the brink of financial ruin. To save their business empire, they decide to call in their debts at gunpoint.