John Wayne and Laraine Day star! While building a tunnel through the Andes mountains, an American engineer marries his boss’s daughter. But will obsession and danger destroy their fledgling love?



John WayneLaraine Day, and Anthony Quinn star in this romantic drama that is set in the Peruvian Andes and is filled with action and adventure.

Johnny Munroe, a brash American engineer, has come to South America with one objective in mind: to build a railroad through the Andes mountains. The job is filled with obstacles and danger, but Johnny is determined to stay on track while keeping his men safe.

One of the biggest obstacles in his path is Frederick Alexander, the wealthy industrialist bankrolling the tunnel. He and Johnny disagree a lot and there is no love lost between them.

But, after a long and arduous week, Johnny, his partner Pop, and Alexander’s nephew, Ricky, decide to unwind in the nearby city of Tenango. While there, they discuss the railroad’s progress with Alexander over drinks. Johnny is incensed when Alexander suggests using cheaper methods and a shorter, more dangerous route.

Later, after a stinging rebuke from Alexander, Johnny wanders out into Tenango and spots a beautiful woman on her way to Sunday Mass. Instantly smitten, Johnny follows her home and discovers that she is Maura Alexander…Frederick’s beloved daughter.

Frederick warns his daughter to stay away from Johnny, but she is also smitten. She tells her father that she will make up her own mind about him…and that she is not a child to be controlled.

Johnny and Maura’s sudden romance blossoms quickly, burns brightly, and leads to marriage. But complications arise as the tunnel proves more costly and dangerous than even Johnny could foresee.

He becomes so obsessed with completing it that one crew after another quits on him, and Maura, feeling neglected and disappointed, loses faith in him. Heartbroken, she returns home to her father.

Johnny is no stranger to failure. But when it comes to his wife and this project – failure is not an option…