Susan Hayward stars! After her rancher father is killed by oil men, Cherokee Lansing vows to find oil on her own land before they can. She may succeed—but will greed and power change her forever?


Tulsa (1949)

Susan Hayward, Robert Preston, and Chill Wills star! Susan Hayward lights up the screen in this wild clash between cattle ranchers and oil interests in Oklahoma during the 1920s. When Cherokee Lansing’s father goes to Tanner Petroleum to protest that his cattle are dying due to pollution caused by their oil production, he is killed in an oil blowout accident. Cherokee is so enraged that she decides to ruin Tanner by getting drilling rights and establishing oil wells on her land. She gets help from Brad Brady, a geologist, and Jim Redbird, an old friend. But somewhere along the way, Cherokee’s revenge-filled grief over her father’s death turns into greed—and a quest for money and power at all costs….