Audie Murphy and Sandra Dee star! A naïve fur trader and a runaway girl from the mountains head to town for a taste of “big city” life. But once there, they find nothing but trouble and lawlessness….


The Wild and The Innocent

Audie Murphy and Sandra Dee star in this funny, charming Western filmed in Cinemascope and on location in the San Bernardino Mountains.

When his uncle is hurt by a bear, young, inexperienced Yancy Hawkes must leave the mountains of Wyoming and head for the “big city” in order to trade his furs and earn money for his family.

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When Yancy arrives at the nearest trading post, he discovers that it has been burned down. While there, he meets a shady character named Stoker. Stoker has eight hungry, dirty children to feed. He tries to trick Yancy into trading his furs for his oldest daughter, Rosalie, but Yancy refuses. Rosalie runs away…only to return and ask Yancy to take her along to the nearest big city.

The pair arrives in Casper, Wyoming during the 4th of July festivities, and the townspeople promptly make fun of them for their “bumpkin” appearances. After finally trading his furs, Yancy gives Rosalie money for new clothes so she can get a job. In the meantime, he plans on enjoying all the temptations and delights this city has to offer.

A hot bath and a pretty dress is all Rosalie needs to be seen as a beauty, and she catches the eye of Sheriff Paul Bartell. He promises Yancy that he will get Rosalie a job at the dance hall, for which Yancy thanks him kindly. He doesn’t realize that the sheriff’s intentions towards Rosalie are anything but good.

Meanwhile, Yancy falls head over heels in love with a dancehall girl. But a kindly shopkeeper explains to innocent Yancy what his dancehall girlfriend really does…and finally opens Yancy’s eyes to the fact that there’s a lot more to Rosalie’s job description than dancing.

Now that Yancy knows the truth, he intends to save Rosalie from a life of ill repute. But first, he’ll have to free her from the lawless, corrupt sheriff – or die trying!