Vengeance Will Be His... Shortly after Confederate soldier, Ethan Edwards, returns to Texas from the Civil War, his family is killed, and his nieces abducted by hostile Indians. Now he’s on their trail and out for revenge.


The Searchers

John Wayne, Jeffrey Hunter, Vera Miles and Natalie Wood! An all-star cast in this story of gritty determination, raw vengeance, and the ultimate justice.

It’s no secret Confederate soldier Ethan Edwards is not liked by many, including his own family. When he returns to his brother, Aaron’s Texas ranch, three years after the Civil War ends, he gets a cool, if not downright suspicious reception, from his brother. The tension in the house is palpable. Aaron’s children, Lucy, Ben and Debbie, however, are thrilled about Ethan’s return.

When Martin, Aaron and wife, Martha’s adopted son arrives for dinner, the atmosphere turns from uncomfortable to angry. Though, Ethan found Martin abandoned when he was a baby, and was instrumental in his adoption, he harbors a deep-seeded hate for the now-grown boy. Ethan despises Native Americans, and though Martin has very little Indian blood, in Ethan’s eyes, his nephew is the enemy.

John Wayne in The SearchersThe next day, word comes that a neighbor’s ranch had been raided, and the cattle have been run off from their pastures. Ethan and Martin join a posse to search for the bandits, and after several hours on their trail, discover the cows slaughtered. They realize they’ve been duped by marauding Indians, and head back as fast as they can.

When they finally arrive at the Edwards ranch, they witness what they’d dreaded. Their family has been murdered, and Ethan’s nieces, Lucy and Debbie, kidnapped by hostile Indians, led by the cruel Chief Scar.

Reluctantly, Ethan allows Martin to accompany him on his mission of vengeance. They learn, early on, that Debbie has been killed, which fuels Ethan’s anger and hatred for Scar. As the journey progresses from months into years, and Lucy grows from child into teenager, it’s more likely she has assimilated into the Indian life. And Martin grows increasingly fearful of one thing: If they find Lucy alive, will Ethan have the heart to rescue her? Or allow his blinding hatred of Indians to further harden his heart, and…kill her.