American boxer, Sean Thornton, heads to Ireland to retire on his family land. But now he’s in different kind of fight—sparring for the hand of a fiery redhead!


The Quiet Man

Our fans have spoken, and we listened! We’re bringing you one of your most requested films, the Oscar-winning classic, The Quiet Man! John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara star in this fun-loving romance set against the lush landscape of Ireland.

John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara in The Quiet Man

Champion American boxer, Sean Thornton, now retired, moves to Ireland where his parents emigrated from when he was a baby. He’s looking to leave a painful past behind and relax in a peaceful, quiet life in his family’s ancestral cottage, which he intends to buy from the wealthy Widow Tillane who now owns it.

When Sean arrives in Innisfree, he spots a stunning redhead in a field. They lock eyes and romantic sparks fly. Mary Kate Danaher has quite a temper, but the witty banter between her and Sean soon blossoms into love. But Sean will need to learn and abide by some quirky Irish courtship customs, unheard of in the States. Plus, he must also contend with Mary Kate’s bull-headed, loud-mouthed brother Will, who is also vying for the widow’s cottage and farm, not to mention, her love. And when the Widow Tillane sells the property to Sean just to spite Will, Sean has yet another hurdle to jump in order to settle down with Mary Kate, since he has to ask Will for Mary Kate’s hand in marriage. Of course, Will refuses Sean’s request.

Most of the townspeople, including the matchmaker and the priest, can see that Sean and Mary Kate should be husband and wife, so they all conspire to trick Will into giving the happy couple his blessing. They let slip a wee fib that Widow Tillane would marry Will if only Mary Kate were out of the house. Then on the wedding day, Will discovers the ploy, and withholds Mary Kate’s dowry. This means nothing to Sean, but to Mary Kate, it is a grievous break with tradition, a symbol of her independence, her pride as a woman insulted. Will is itching to fight Sean, and Mary Kate wants Sean to stand up for her with his fists, but Sean, haunted by a devastating incident in the ring, vowed never to fight again. Now, just a few hours after saying “I do,” Sean and Mary Kate are estranged.

Filled with adventure, hard riding, and boisterous brawling, The Quiet Man is the story of a man coming to terms with his past, a passionate love story and an adoring portrait of 1920s County Mayo, Ireland.