Lee Van Cleef stars! Tragedy and desperation lead Arizona territory Marshal Chris Adams to form an unlikely band of seven gunslingers in the fight of their lives against a vicious gang of desperados.


The Magnificent Seven Ride! (1972)

Lee Van Cleef, Stefanie Powers, Ralph Waite, and Mariette Hartley star! Here’s the final sequel to the beloved Western series that began with The Magnificent Seven.

When ex-gunslinger-turned-marshal Chris Adams saves his old bounty hunter friend, Jim Mackay, from being killed in an ambush, Jim asks for a favor: Would Chris be willing to help him find and destroy the De Toro gang? The vicious bandits had been terrorizing the Mexican border town of Magdalena, and Jim needs help stopping them.

Chris is reluctant to help his old friend because he’s now a married man and doesn’t want to go looking for trouble. But trouble finds him all the same when his wife is abducted by bank robbers and killed.

Driven to find the culprits, Chris and his new writer friend, Noah, track down two of the killers—and Chris administers his own brand of justice. Chris and Noah cross paths with Jim, and he tells them that Donavan—the third outlaw, who was directly responsible for the murder of Chris’s wife—was recently seen in the area. Later, Chris and Noah find Jim and Donavan—dead. Now, to avenge his buddy’s death, Marshal Chris Adams takes up Jim’s cause with fervor.

When Chris and Noah arrive in Magdalena, they learn that all the men have been killed, while the women have been left brutalized and without hope at the hands of the De Toro gang. Chris promises that he and Noah will get more men who will protect them from the vicious bandits.

Chris finds and recruits five other men who have what it takes to save this town. It won’t be easy, and the odds are stacked high against them. They know very well that they may not make it out of this fight alive.

Guns will blaze…fists will fly…and these seven men will be in the fight of their lives!