John Wayne stars! A tough Colonel leads The Green Berets into battle in Vietnam – and a journalist witnesses it all….


The Green Berets

Starring John Wayne, David Janssen, and Jim Hutton! A tough-as-nails Colonel must lead a team of select Green Berets on an offensive attack in Vietnam.

Colonel Mike Kirby of U.S. Special Forces leads a group of Green Berets deep into the heart of Viet Cong territory and sets up camp near Da Nang in Vietnam. A liberal journalist, George Beckwith, goes along with the group. Kirby and Beckwith do not agree on much; Kirby is dedicated to the fight while Beckwith agrees with his newspaper’s position: that American intervention in Vietnam is a mistake.

Kirby’s men work all day and all night to get the camp up and running. But despite their best efforts, the camp is overrun by Viet Cong and taken over by the enemy. The Green Berets have no choice but to retreat.

While regrouping, the Green Berets intercept a Viet Cong infiltrator. They take him prisoner and interrogate him. Beckwith is horrified by their actions as the interrogation turns violent.

But soon enough, Beckwith begins to witness all that the Green Berets must endure at the hands of the enemy. When he learns about the Viet Cong’s own atrocities, he is persuaded to see things in a whole new light. Soon enough, Beckwith even joins the fight alongside the Green Berets.

While Beckwith and Kirby begin to have respect for each other, their situation is still perilous and there is a long journey ahead of them. With the help of the South Vietnamese and Montagnard tribesman, they hope to turn things around – and snatch victory back from their enemies.

It’s going to take grit, determination, and bold action to reclaim what was once theirs. The Special Forces hatch a plan that just might disrupt the enemy forces at the highest levels of leadership and get the South Vietnamese to end the war on their own, more favorable terms.

No one ever said this was going to be easy, but one thing is certain: The Green Berets won’t go down without a fight….