John Wayne, at age 23, in his first starring role! Scout Breck Coleman leads a wagon train with hundreds of settlers on the perilous journey to the Pacific Northwest. And Coleman is determined to get there alive, as he has a score to settle in Oregon country.


The Big Trail

Here’s John Wayne, just 23 years old at the time, in his first starring role! This film, made in 1930, is amazing in its scope, budget, and historical value. Young scout Breck Coleman agrees to lead and protect pioneers heading West along the Oregon Trail. Breck has pledged to avenge the death of a trapper friend once he gets to Oregon Country. Along this long and perilous route, there will be many dangers ahead, including Indian attacks, mountains to climb, rivers to cross, snowstorms to survive, romances to figure out, and more adventures. As the wagon train heads West, Breck never stops trying to figure out who killed his friend—and how he will make that villain pay….