In the late 1800s, a tough cowboy heads to a Western town to work on a ranch. When he learns the ranch owner is dead, he gets caught up in murder, mystery, mayhem – and a romantic triangle!


Tall in the Saddle

Starring John Wayne, Ella Raines, and Ward Bond! This thoroughly entertaining Western has it all: guns blazing, fist fighting, and sparks flying in a romantic triangle!

In the late 1800s, a tough cowboy named Rocklin gets on the stagecoach headed to the town of Santa Inez in Arizona. He’s been offered a job as a ranch foreman at the K.C. Ranch.

He takes the seat next to the stagecoach driver, who seems to enjoy giving the women on board a rough ride through the mountainous roads of sage brush country. Miss Elizabeth Martin is haughty and annoying but her niece, Clara Cardell, is kind and very pretty.

John Wayne in Tall in the SaddleWhen they stop to rest the horses at a roadside inn, they meet up with Sheriff Jackson and Bob Clews. The pair have come from Santa Inez and are investigating theft at the K.C. Ranch. Rocklin asks about Red Cardell, his new boss and the owner of the ranch, and learns that Red has been murdered.

Not sure if he has a job anymore, Rocklin checks into his hotel, Soon, he is invited to join a poker game by Robert Garvey, the town lawyer. When Rocklin realizes that a hothead named Clint Harolday is cheating, he calls him out on it and declares himself the winner. Rocklin reaches for his winnings, but Clint pulls a gun on him!

Rocklin walks away from the table but returns with his guns. He takes the money that Clint tried to steal from him and figures that’s the end of that. But the next day, Clint’s sister Arly arrives, gun in hand, and starts shooting bullets past Rocklin’s head! Rocklin turns his back on her and just walks away.

So, nobody is more surprised than Rocklin when that same girl later tells him that her stepfather wants him to hire him as foreman of the family’s Topaz Ranch! Of course, Rocklin doesn’t know that feisty Arly actually hired him – or that she is attracted to him.

But there’s trouble ahead. Clara Cardell is the rightful heir to the K.C. Ranch and she asks Rocklin for help. Rocklin likes her – and now, Arly is jealous.

Plus, something about Red Cardell’s death doesn’t make sense. But if Rocklin’s not careful, he could end up being the latest murder victim!