Joel McCrea stars! When preacher Josiah Gray comes to Walesburg, it’s so dangerous, he’s got to hold the congregants at gunpoint! But with God’s help, Josiah hopes to restore peace and tame the town.


Stars in My Crown (1950)

Joel McCrea, Ellen Drew, Dean Stockwell, Amanda Blake, James Arness, and Alan Hale! Out of all the films Joel McCrea made, this well-respected classic was his personal favorite! In 1865, a small town has become so dangerous that the new preacher, Josiah Gray, decides to give his first sermon at the local saloon while holding the congregants at gunpoint. Over the years, he marries, makes friends, and slowly but surely becomes an integral part of the community. With steely determination, faith, and a few surprises up his sleeve, he hopes to tame the town and build a new church—but he knows it won’t be easy!


Fun Fact!

Perhaps a bit of foreshadowing? Stars in My Crown was Amanda Blake’s film debut. James Arness also appeared, but ironically, Blake had the bigger role! Arness is uncredited and has no lines. Five years later, they would become the legendary costars of Gunsmoke!