Rock Hudson and Dean Martin star! Chuck Jarvis and Billy Massey used to be friends. But now Chuck is a sheriff and Billy is an outlaw – and the bullets will fly as they head for a deadly showdown....


Showdown (1973)

Rock Hudson, Dean Martin, and Susan Clark star! This entertaining Western features iconic stars, sweeping landscapes, and a tale of two friends who end up on opposite sides of the law. When Chuck Jarvis and Billy Massey were growing up, they were inseparable. But along came Kate, and jealousy and hostility ensued—and the friends went their separate ways. They meet again after a train robbery when Chuck is the sheriff and Billy is the outlaw who ran off with the loot. Although he feels conflicted, Chuck brings his old friend back to face justice. But things get complicated when revenge- seeking outlaws come after Billy—and the bullets start to fly.