Tom Selleck stars! Brand new Police Chief Jesse Stone soon learns that solving town secrets could be the death of him….


Jesse Stone

Jesse Stone: Night Passage
Sun, Sept 19 | 10:00PM ET

Jesse Stone: Night PassageStarring Tom Selleck and Viola Davis. Alcoholic cop Jesse Stone gets a job as Chief of Police in a New England town. His first task: finding the person who murdered the former Chief of Police…



Jesse Stone: Stone Cold
Sun, Sept 19 | 12:00AM ET

Jesse Stone: Stone Cold

Tom Selleck and Viola Davis star! A string of murders rocks the town of Paradise. Now, Police Chief Jesse Stone must find a serial killer – but can he find the perpetrator before another victim dies?



Jesse Stone: Death in Paradise
Sun, Sept 19 | 2:00AM ET

Jesse Stone: Death in Paradise

Tom Selleck and Viola Davis star! When a pregnant teenager is found murdered, hard-drinking Police Chief Jesse Stone uncovers some very tragic secrets – and makes an even more shocking discovery…