Gary Brannon says he hates the Ute Indians. But when greedy gold miner Frank Walker tries to start a war between local whites and the Utes, Gary vows to stop him. Will he succeed – or die trying?


Drums Across The River

Audie Murphy and Walter Brennan star! Filmed in Technicolor with some vivid location shooting in the San Bernardino Mountains, this Western is filled with plot twists and breakneck action.

Crown City, Colorado has fallen on hard times. This once vibrant mining town has been stripped bare and now the only gold left lies across the San Juan River – and belongs to the Ute Indians.

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Despite everything, father and son, Gary and Sam Brannon lead quiet lives in Crown City running a freight company. Gary hates all Indians, especially the Utes – because one of them killed his mother. His much wiser father maintains a fragile friendship with the Ute Chief and works hard to keep the peace between the white homesteaders and the Ute tribe.

But greedy miner Frank Walker doesn’t care who he hurts if it means he gets his hands on gold. He longs to drive the Ute off of their land and onto a reservation, giving him access to all of the gold left behind. He talks the desperate townspeople into joining him on an expedition to find gold on Ute lands. One of those foolish men is Gary Brannon.

Sam Brannon tries to stop his son from participating while simultaneously talking Walker out of his plan, but it’s to no avail. They head out…and once they cross the river, Ute Indian braves quickly intercept them.

Luckily, Sam arrives in time to save the townspeople and make an agreement to swap prisoners. But before they can even finish the exchange, Walker’s men fire on the Indians – leaving Sam and the Ute Chief’s son, Taos, injured.

Finally, Gary sees how deadly Frank can be, and how right Sam was all along. But can he save his father, broker peace with the Ute Indians, and survive the deadly schemes Walker has in store for them…or is he destined to die trying?