Review! Put Christmas in the Smokies on Your Must-See List!

Danetta is well known for her blog It’s a Wonderful Movie, where she collects, reviews and features the best family-friendly Christmas films. She’s the go-to source for what to watch on TV for the holiday season. We’re pleased Danetta took the time to review the Exclusive Worldwide Television Premiere of Christmas in the Smokies.

Be sure to catch this new Christmas classic Sunday, December 13th and December 24th at 9 ET.

It is my great joy to officially share with you today the first Motion Picture produced by INSP Films: “Christmas in the Smokies”.

By Danetta

Christmas in the Smokies is as Americana, wholesome, and sweet as fresh baked Apple (or Blueberry!) Pie! From the very start you will be drawn into the story of the Haygood family, who is sadly on the verge of losing their farm right after Christmas. Their daughter Shelby, portrayed by actress Sarah Lancaster, is doggedly determined to do everything in her power not to let that happen. One small problem, however, has her a bit distracted and off her game, Country singing sensation Mason Wyatt, her old boyfriend who left town and broke her heart years ago, has suddenly returned. Shelby can only guess his reasons, while doing her best to guard and reason with own her heart, and focus on saving the family farm.

“…as Americana, wholesome, and sweet

as fresh baked Apple Pie!”

The casting overall for Christmas in the Smokies is top-notch terrific! The father, Wade Haygood, portrayed by actor Barry Corbin, (“Mountain Top”, “Shadow on the Mesa”) gives just the right spice of humor and realism to his boisterous character, while the Mother, Annie Haygood (actress Rebecca Coon, “The Notebook”, “A Different Kind of Christmas”) is in general soft spoken, but also resolute in protecting her family.

As I mentioned above, Sarah Lancaster (“Fir Crazy”, “Tis the Season for Love”) portrays the lead character, their daughter Shelby Haygood, who has a spark and spunk that matches her delightful best friend, Trisha Greene, (actress Jill Wagner, “Autumn Dreams”). With a little southern sass in both their voices, these two have some real fun scenes together!

Then, there is the famous country singer Mason Wyatt, portrayed by actor Alan Powell, (of “Where Hope Grows” and the TV series “Nashville”), who beautifully sings all of his character’s songs in the movie. Of course, every story must have an antagonist, a bad guy or villain, so to speak. In this instance, that character is Ralph Baxter, portrayed by actor Brett Rice (“Remember the Titans”), who is perfectly detestable and greedy in his desire to take over the Haygood farm.

Through all of the ups & downs of the Haygood’s struggles, Shelby’s father reminds her to hold tight to her faith and hope, and their belief of the child who was born in the manger.

See or Skip?:


Christmas in the Smokies is an enriching story you will enjoy with your family year after year!

-Net, It’s a Wonderful Movie


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