Tony Todd and Christopher Reeve star! Alan and former slave Britt try to forge new lives with their families on the frontier. But when Indians attack, the settlers turn to Britt to broker peace.


Black Fox (1995)

Tony Todd and Christopher Reeve star in this compelling Western that’s inspiring and full of heart! In the early 1860s, Alan Johnson (who is white) and his “blood brother,” Britt (a former slave, freed by Alan) try to forge a new life in Western Texas. But at the outbreak of the Civil War, the nearby fort is no longer protecting the settlers, and word gets out that the Comanches and Kiowas have combined forces to rid Texas of the white man. The natives have even begun kidnapping the women and children of white settlers. Since the Indians won’t talk to white men, Britt Johnson may be the only one who can broker peace with the natives. But will his honesty and bravery be enough to sway the Indians—and bring the settlers’ women and children home?