Your Best Christmas Surprises: Part 4

How Christmas Memories Are Made

We love a great Christmas surprise. But no surprise here: INSP viewers have a lot of heart! From joyful memories to Christmas miracles, thanks for sharing a part of your lives.

Your Christmas Stories…

The True Spirit of Giving

One Christmas we had a bad financial year. We had two small children, so we agreed to buy only for the kids. The kids made my husband a box and decorated it. The kids insisted on getting me something. They scraped together about three dollars and got me a small nativity scene. I put it up every year and a tear always forms in my eye. – Patty, MO

The Importance of Priorities

My best Christmas surprise occurred about 20 years after my parents were divorced. They went together and bought me a Minnesota Vikings Starter coat, which I still have. It is still my best gift, because my parents finally put their anger away, and came together for me. Their relationship was so much better after that. It is a memory I will never forget. – Jenny, MN


A Christmas Blessing

My grandson Carter Mason was born 17 weeks early. November 26th 2013. He was not due until March 20, 2014. We were told Carter would die, but God had different plans. Carter just turned 1. He is my family’s miracle. – Mary, CA


A “Moving” Gift!

My most memorable Christmas was in 1968. My father was raised a Jehovah Witness and never had a Christmas growing up. My mother was one of 13 children so Christmases were very slim. My parents always made mine and my brother’s Christmases very special, but in 1968, my brother and I were like most other children and couldn’t wait to tear into the packages…there was one box, in particular, that our father said to be careful with. When we went to open the box, it moved!! We were so excited to find the cutest puppy in the box. – Terri, WV


Every Little Girl’s Dream Come True

I was 6 and my sister was 4. We had asked Santa for a pony for Christmas. Christmas morning we had a note on the tree that said “YOUR LAST PRESENT IS IN BARN.” We went running through the backyard to the barn, and there was a beautiful brown and white spotted pony. It was a Christmas we’ve never forgotten. – Brenda, OH


Home for Christmas

One Christmas Eve a few years ago my cousin showed up on our doorstep. He was overseas in the Middle East because he was in the army, and no one expected him to be there. He was a huge surprise and everyone was excited to see him return home. – Rochelle, MI


A Gift from the Heart You Can’t Wrap

I have sometimes felt isolated from the cousins around my age, and one Christmas my big cousins (who are my role models) took me upstairs and did my make-up and hair during our Christmas Eve celebration. I felt so important and special at that moment. – Rochelle, MI


A Happy Change of Plans

It was Christmas 1944. My husband and my brother were finishing Basic Training in the Army Infantry. They were told no time to come home. We were all so disappointed that we were not going to see each other before they left. At the last minute they were given a 7-day delay en route, and got home on Christmas Eve. We were all so happy to be together for 5 days. – Louise, KY


Let it Snow!

As a young child I was given a sled. It was so great!!! We went to the cow pasture which was a hill with a jump on it, and went sledding for hours!!!! – Barbara, OK


A Fur-ever Friend

Ten years ago, my family surprised me with a Yorkie puppy. He was so small and such a sweet boy. I dressed him up and took him with me just about anywhere I could. He became like my third child, so precious. We lost Bailey to an illness last year, and I miss him every day. – Tina, FL