Your Best Christmas Surprises: Part 3

How Christmas Memories Are Made

We love a great Christmas surprise. But no surprise here: INSP viewers have a lot of heart! From joyful memories to Christmas miracles, thanks for sharing a part of your lives.

Your Christmas Stories…

A Christmas Morning Miracle

It has been 34 years, but it will always be the best Christmas surprise I will ever receive. My daughter Holly who was only a little over 1 at the time, was a very sick little girl in the hospital. We lived on a military base in Jacksonville, NC when she became sick. She was running a very high fever and the hospital at Camp Lejeune acted like it was not a big deal. We took her home and she only got sicker. We packed a bag and drove 5 hours to our home town of Lincolnton, NC…she continued to worsen running a fever of 104. We didn’t even take time to stop at one of our parents’ homes to drop off our other daughter; we went straight to the hospital, where [Holly] was immediately admitted.

They kept my baby in the hospital for 6 days before they could talk me into leaving her for a short time, to rest and come back…I cried all night on Christmas Eve, begging for someone to take me back, but since at that time, we didn’t have cabs in Lincolnton, and my mother didn’t drive, I had no choice but to stay home. Early Christmas morning, I got up, showered and was getting ready for someone to take me back to the hospital, when my husband walked in with the biggest surprise. They had found the problem during the night, given her the right medications, and so he was able to bring my baby home to me. I still thank God for giving the doctors there the know-how to treat my little girl, and get her back home where she belonged. I will always be grateful. – Amanda, SC


A “Purrfect” Christmas Morning in 2008

We went to Mass at 9:00 am. I was still thinking of our house cat Mr. Murphy. He was almost 5 years old, and our special little guy we brought from the farm when moved into Garrett, Indiana. When Mass got out, fellow parishioners greeted each other with CHRISTmas cheer. It was a somewhat snowy, cold morning. Mr. Murphy had been missing for a month. After we got home, David, my husband decided to yell for him from the back door. Hours went by, CHRISTmas gifts were unwrapped, lunch dishes washed, and we were watching a program on TV, and…I took a turn to yell for Mr. Murphy. Lo and behold, Mr. Murphy was sitting on the back porch, gave me the biggest meow ever! I screamed for David. As I opened the door, Mr. Murphy purred so loud that David heard him. We were so glad to see our special cat that [we did] our group hug, the three of us! While we were embracing, he was meowing, and loud purring too. We were so happy that we think our praying at CHRISTmas Mass brought Mr. MURPHY HOME!! An awesome miracle we think that we’ll never forget! – Mary Rose & David Lee, IN


Three Living Angels

When my son was 7 years old in 1987, we had nothing for Christmas. I cried and prayed and asked God for a miracle. A few days later I heard a knock on my door. I looked thru the peep hole and there was a man standing with a Christmas basket.

I opened the door and he said, “This is for your family.” Someone wrote my name down for a Christmas basket.

It was filled with all the trimmings for a bountiful blessing and candy for my son’s stocking. I was feeling so blessed. I thanked the man and wished him happy holidays.

Just as I was about to go on about my day, there was another knock on my door. I looked thru the peep hole again to see who it was. It just so happened to be our pastor at the time. I opened the door and asked him in. He said that people in the congregation voted to give my family some money for Christmas.

I was crying again, but this time they were tears of joy. I thanked him and asked him to thank the others for me. When he left i counted my Blessings twofold.

But that was not the last knock on my door that day. You see I was visited by three angels that day. The third was a very good friend of mine. She and her husband were thinking about us when they were visiting family in Michigan. They dropped me off a Christmas tree. I was never so happy in all my life for those surprises. My son had a wonderful Christmas that year. So you see have faith in God! For miracles do happen. – Brenda, TN