Vets Helping Vets…Over Coffee

Veterans hold a special place in our hearts at INSP, a place of honor, respect and gratitude.

At a VFW meeting, Hillary Collins, our Crossridge Café Supervisor and Army vet (Specialist, Operation Iraqi Freedom) learned Ray Dunsmore wanted to bring his fellow vets together to talk, share and support each other over coffee. Immediately, Hillary invited them to the INSP campus.

With this short film, we pay tribute to all the veterans who served this great country, and especially, honor the memory of Vietnam veteran, Marine Corps Captain, Ray Dunsmore, who started this ever-growing, inspiring group of men and women.


Now, it’s your turn! Would you like to honor a veteran?

You have the opportunity to submit the name of a veteran you would like to see appear on-air during our special Gunsmoke Veterans Day Marathon on Saturday, November 11th.

We have a limited amount of slots for on-air tributes, so get yours in early! Honor a Veteran!