Top 5 Moments Audie Murphy Showed True Character

Audie Murphy—a Real Stand-Up Guy!

World War II hero. Hollywood cowboy hero. Every hero holds core values that guide them as they fight injustice, stand up to bullies, create compassion in the face of chaos. When the most decorated soldier of WWII traded in his Army boots for cowboy boots, he kept his strong moral compass. Here’s a glimpse into Audie Murphy’s character through the roles he played.


1. Tumbleweed
Audie is kind—even to an enemy.


2. Six Black Horses
Audie is a friend to “Man’s best friend.”


3. Gunsmoke
Audie knows how to pick his battles.


4. Ride a Crooked Trail
Audie is brave.


5. The Wild and the Innocent
Audie respects women.


BONUS! Walk the Proud Land
Audie doesn’t back down.