The Big Boom Theory

Let’s Get Ready to-o-o-o-o BOOM!

The Anaconda! The Arm Bar! The Flying Scissor Heel Hook! The Round Kick and Jab! Scott Voss, the teacher who enters the wrestling ring to save the music program in Here Comes the Boom, has some serious wrestling moves! Let’s take a look.

Slam! Bam! Boom!

Catch These Moves:

Boom 5

Showtime! Nothing like a little kick in the head to motivate you!


Boom 4

Who you laughin’ at, Green Man? Watch this!


Boom 3

Face your fears head-on…and if you fail, fail BIG!


Boom 2

Always lend a foot to a friend in need…


Boom 1

Sometimes the crazy idea works! 


Check out all of the booms together…