A Salute to the Duke

He’s tough, quick on the draw, and coming to your TV! INSP pays tribute to John Wayne! Every weekend in May, watch your favorite John Wayne movies—from The Shootist to Rio Bravo, The War Wagon to El Dorado, and more.

She Wore a Yellow Ribbon

Sunday, May 7th at 2p ET
Sunday, May 21st at 10p ET

Soon-to-retire Captain Nathan Brittles must take his troops on patrol while evacuating two women to safety following the Battle of Little Bighorn. But will romance be their biggest threat on this end-of-the-road mission? Read More

The War Wagon

Sunday, May 7th at 10p ET
Sunday, May 21st at 2p ET

Alert! John Wayne plays a bad guy! Just released from prison, Taw Jackson puts together a ragtag gang to rob the man who framed him. But one of Taw’s men has a despicable plan of his own. Read More

The Shootist

Sunday, May 14th at 2p ET
Sunday, May 28th at 10p ET

Notorious gunfighter J.B. Books wants to die in peace, but everybody wants to cash in on his glory, use him, or kill him. Will the cancer claim his life…or will it be the new, latest, greatest shootist? Read More

El Dorado

Sunday, May 14th at 10p ET
Sunday, May 28th at 2p ET

The Duke leads an all-star cast! Gunfighter Cole Thornton and old friend, Sheriff J.P. Harrah, take on a greedy cattle baron aiming to steal land and water. It’s going to take brains, brawn, and bullets to get out of this frontier dust-up alive. Read More