A Japanese Family Discovers a Rare Photo of the Real Hachi

When the family of Isamu Yamamoto, a banker who passed away in 1947, began cleaning his old house, they made an extraordinary discovery. It seems Yamamoto loved taking pictures, and in one of his albums they found a photo of Hachiko, the loyal dog whose life inspired one of the most beloved movies aired on INSP, a true fan favorite, “Hachi: a Dog’s Tale” is based.

What makes this photo so rare is that Hachi is clearly seen in front of the train station where he spent his life waiting patiently for the return of his master. It’s believed Yamamoto snapped the pic sometime in 1934. Hachiko was born November 10, 1923 and died March 8, 1935.

The Real Hachi - 1934 - Train Station