State Plate Season 3 Coming Sept 24th!

On Season 3 of INSP’s State Plate, musician and restaurateur Taylor Hicks continues his quest to assemble  the  perfect plate for each state – representing their most historic, famous, and tastiest dishes. For two years he has crisscrossed America, visiting farms, ranches, markets, and festivals to uncover the stories and legends behind each state’s unique food traditions. This season he’ll sample a kalua pig in Hawaii, an ice cream potato in Idaho, an elk filet in Wyoming, and all manner of other items as he tastes his way through the final 14 states of his epic journey. It’s a heaping helping of America’s most beloved cuisine, rich in history, folklore, and flavor.

States featured in Season 3 include Hawaii, South Carolina, West Virginia, Virginia, Delaware, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Michigan, Indiana, Idaho, Utah, and Wyoming!