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Historians believe a pioneer coined the name, The Evergreen State. Be a culinary pioneer and explore these good eats!


No Scheduled Airings

Entertainer Taylor Hicks tastes his way across Washington State on a mission to create a plate of its most iconic foods. First, Taylor heads to the shoreline to dig up the locally loved geoduck, a huge and strange-looking clam. Then, he catches a Coho salmon, which is grilled on a cedar plank and served with stewed apples harvested from a public orchard. Dessert is fresh-picked raspberries, baked in a tart and accompanied by an artfully poured espresso drink from the nation’s coffee capital. It’s a heaping helping of The Evergreen State, piled high with its weird, scrumptious, and aromatic foods.

Featured Plates & Food Contributors

Appetizer: Geoduck
Chelsea Farms Learn More

Entrée: Coho Salmon
Salt Patrol – Capt. John Keizer | Learn More

Side 1: Stewed Apples
Curran Apple Orchard | Learn More

Side 2: Coffee
Espresso Vivace | Learn More

Dessert: Raspberry Tart
Picha’s Farm | Learn More

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