TexasThe man who has his own barbecue joint is in for some BBQ—Texas style! Taylor Hicks is not only in show biz, but he’s in the restaurant business, as well, and he knows his barbecue!

In the Lone Star State he saddles up, lopes off on a cattle drive and chows down on some tender, spicy barbecue brisket, and makes cowboy-style pan de campo over a campfire. The Texas state food is chili, so the pressure is on when Taylor judges a chili cook-off between two legends of the chili world. Then he makes a sweet onion casserole at the largest onion farm in America. Can’t go without dessert! Taylor learns a family’s cherished recipe as he helps bake a big ole Texas sheet cake.

It’s a heaping plateful of savory cuisine, as big as Texas itself, filled with the stories and legends behind the state’s tastiest foods.

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Appetizer: BBQ Brisket
Beaumont Ranch | Traci Garrison | Learn More

Entrée: Pan De Campo
Beaumont Ranch | Traci Garrison Learn More

Side 1: Chili
Suzanne Sweet | Suzanne Sweet | Learn More

Side 2: Sweet Onion Casserole
Dixondale Farms | Emily Lord | Learn More

Dessert: Texas Sheet Cake
That’s the Cake Bakery | Monte & Grandma Nancy | Learn More

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