Robert Fuller and John Smith star in this iconic, action-packed Western TV show. Orphaned brothers try to keep the family spread going while also running a stagecoach stop. Who will show up next?




Be transported back to all the action and adventure of the Wyoming Territory in the 1870s.

After Matt Sherman is murdered by a greedy land grabber, his now-orphaned sons must find a way to keep the family homestead going. They hire a drifter named Jess Harper to help, and along with family friend Jonesy, they supplement their ranch income by working at a stagecoach stop near Laramie.

Every day is different here. Sometimes that’s good…and sometimes that’s dangerous. There are loads of stagecoach passengers coming through, unanticipated problems on the homestead, and chores (always chores!) to do. There is wood to chop, chickens to feed, fences to mend, a roof to fix, cooking and washing up, and more – and unlike TV shows that came later, the two leading actors did all the real work themselves!

Laramie is also a “who’s who” of guest stars. Watch closely and see if you can find these popular 1950s and 1960s stars: Brian Keith, Gena Rowlands, Thomas Mitchell, Vera Miles, Eddie Albert, Cloris Leachman, Claude Akins, Julie London, Denver Pyle, Karen Steele, Dan Duryea, Ellen Burstyn, Alan Hale Jr., Nanette Fabray, and many more.

Welcome back to Laramie—where family and friends come first, danger is always in the air, triumphs are hard-won…and every episode is a pulse-pounding ride!