A widow asks a tough cowboy to help her retrieve the hidden gold in Mexico, her outlaw husband stole, so she can return it, and clear his name. But now they’re being chased by bandits and a mysterious man on horseback.


The Train Robbers

“If anyone tries to cross that river before we’re out of sight, baptize ’em.” – Lane

John Wayne, AnnMargret, Ricardo Montalban and Rod Taylor star in this rip-roaring Western adventure.

John Wayne in The Train RobbersBull-headed, Civil War veteran, Lane is no push-over, but on a train bound for Liberty, Texas, he meets a widow and her heartfelt story finds a crack in his hard exterior. It seems her husband, Matt Lowe, was a notorious outlaw who stole a half million dollars in gold from the railroad company. She tells Lane that before Matt died, he revealed the location of the hidden fortune—in Mexico. Now, she wants to return the gold to clear his name, and ensure her that young son faces an honorable future, head held high, proud of his name and family.

Lane convinces his usual band of cohorts, fellow Union soldiers, Jesse, Grady and Calhoun to help him retrieve the stolen gold for Mrs. Lowe who would collect a hefty fifty-thousand-dollar reward. Though they survived the most horrific battles of the war together, bonding as brothers, serving under Lane, the men are not without their disagreements. But, in spite of their differences, they are a strong team who would put their lives on the line for each other, often with a spate of good-hearted, witty banter even in the most dangerous circumstances.

As Lane, his men and Mrs. Lowe head toward the border, they realize they have unwelcome company—in the form of 20 gunmen following at a distance, threatening in nature, but making no move. And they’re not the only ones in pursuit. A mysterious, lone horseman shadows the entire entourage.

Now Lane and his band of brothers are gearing up for battle, but the real shock will not come as guns blaze, but in a dark secret held close by Mrs. Lowe.