Dean Martin stars! A widow and an ex-lawman have had it with their sheriff-turned-corrupt-town boss. When they fight back, he comes after them with both barrels blazing—and everything he’s got!


Rough Night in Jericho (1967)

Dean Martin, Jean Simmons, George Peppard, John McIntire, and Slim Pickens star in this thrilling Western! Dean Martin plays the villain (the only time in his movie career that he did)and Jean Simmons is wonderful as a fiery and determined Wild West woman.

When a stagecoach entering Jericho is ambushed by Alex Flood (Martin), the driver, Ben Hickman (McIntire), is shot and wounded. His only passenger, a gambler named Dolan (Peppard), takes him into town to get help.

Hickman and Dolan used to work together as lawmen, and soon, they’re working together again along with his partner—the beautiful Molly Lang (Simmons)—running the stagecoach line. Dolan learns that Flood is a lawman gone bad who controls almost all the businesses in Jericho with a violent, vice-like grip.

Once upon a time, Alex Flood was the lawman who came to the Wild West town of Jericho and cleaned it up. But these days, Flood is nothing more than a corrupt town boss. He’s a womanizer, a thief—and a murderer.

For her part, Molly wants nothing to do with Alex. Long ago, when he was an honest lawman, Molly was his lover. But now, she despises him and the way he has taken over their town.

Dolan likes Molly, but he’s not looking for trouble. However, when he sees Alex’s men mistreating her, he decides to stick around. Soon, Dolan and Molly rally the townspeople and start taking the fight straight to Alex.

Alex Flood is in too deep to give up without a fight. He’s coming after them with everything he’s got—and both barrels blazing!