The Ottesons’ Respect for the Land…

Protecting the Land and the Environment

Some of you have concerns about turquoise mining and its effect on the environment. When the Otteson family follows a turquoise lead deep into the desert, they’re aware of the treasures that come from the rocks. They value what the earth gives them, beyond the paycheck a luxurious stone will bring. The value is in the earth itself. So they make a conscious effort to give back.

Donna, Tommy, Danny, Tony and their family are passionate about conservation and protecting the environment while they mine, and after they’ve extracted the stones they need. Throughout their history in the desert, for three generations, they’ve been mindful of the earth’s resources and protecting the land that gives them so much.

Here’s How:

Central to every project is “reclamation.” They go to the spot where they dug, and restore the land to its natural setting. This extensive process involves replacing brush, trees, and other natural elements of the landscape.

Their goal: When they’re finished, no one would be able to tell they were there.

In addition, the Ottesons work hand-in-hand with the national and state environmental protection agencies for every project.

Because we have limited production time, the conservation aspects of their work aren’t included in the show. However, perhaps a future episode of Turquoise Fever will bring the Ottesons’ environmental protection efforts more to the forefront.


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