Exclusive! “Erin” Reveals Little-Known Facts about Herself!

The Waltons:

Mary McDonough opens up to INSP viewers! On the Waltons, Mary’s character, Erin, doesn’t have a clear direction in life. Turns out, in reality, Mary has many directions! We asked Mary to share a few interesting tid-bits about her life.

14 Things about Me

by Mary McDonough

  1. I am a hopeless romantic. Harlequin Romances were my addiction as a teenager!
  2. I am an avid reader.
  3. I don’t like fruit in my chocolate desserts, candy or cakes. No raspberry sauce for me! I will have a fresh chocolate covered strawberry, but that’s about it!
  4. I have terrible-tortured feet from ballet and toe shoes.
  5. I wanted to change my stage name to Mary Beth Murray (my mom’s maiden name),
    but my dad said NO!
  6. I have a daily meditation practice.
  7. I adore yoga.
  8. I ride a road bike.
  9. I bake when I’m stressed. I will make an entire batch of M&M cookies and only eat one (plus some dough).
  10. I am a justice freak. I hate when something is unfair.
  11. My daughter was going to be named Aine. Ancient Irish name that means “splendor
    radiance, brilliance.” The queen of the fairies.
  12. I am a certified Life coach and work with my clients weekly to help them achieve
    balance and their goals.
  13. I am Irish on both sides of my family.
  14. If I didn’t live in America, I would live in Italy. Love the food, people, pace,
    countryside…well, everything about Italy.