8 Facts About Theodore Roosevelt

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Theodore Roosevelt—The Real Deal

Theodore Roosevelt, or T.R., as he was often called (he hated the nickname “Teddy”) came from a prominent New York family. Though his well-known surname surely gave him an advantage in society, he was determined to make his own innovative mark in the world, often under difficult circumstances.

Among his many attributes and accomplishments, T.R. entered politics at a young age, was a Wild West rancher, a hunter and outdoorsman, a Colonel in the U.S. Army, and eventually—and most unexpectedly—he became the president of the United States when he, as vice president, stepped into the role after President William McKinley’s assassination.

Besides being the bold, opinionated, sometimes controversial, and some would say aggressive political powerhouse who changed American history, Theodore Roosevelt was something even more remarkable—a husband, father, scholar—and a mere man.

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