Here Come the Brides

David Soul, Bobby Sherman, Robert Brown, Bridget Hanley and Joan Blondell star!

In 1865, logging company owners, Jason, Jeremy and Joshu


Here Come the Brides

In 1865 near Seattle, brothers Jason, Joshua and Jeremy Bolt run a successful logging company on nearby Bridal Veil Mountain, the business and property their parents left them when they died. Indeed, the job provides a good income for the workers and the region, and a decent life for the brothers.

But now, the brothers have a unique problem. The loggers who work for them are at their wits end, and are ready to give up their lucrative wages and good lives all because of one thing: love—or lack, thereof!

The mountain is so remote, there simply aren’t any young, respectable women of fine values available for the men to court, fall in love and marry. In order to keep his men on the job, Jason strikes a deal. He promises to bring 100 women to the area, and guarantees they’ll stay for one full year.

Unfortunately, the Bolt brothers don’t have the money to finance travel west for 100 women. Reluctantly, they turn to Aaron Stempel, the local sawmill owner for a loan. Aaron has his eye on the boys’ land, as it is rich in lumber. The brothers are in a bind, so when Aaron offers the money with one condition, they are forced to accept. If just one woman leaves before the year ends, the Bolt brothers will default on the loan and the mountain property, all their land, will be deeded to Aaron.

Across the country, in New Bedford, Massachusetts, women are hard-pressed to find eligible young men, as many were lost in the Civil War. When Jason, Joshua and Jeremy arrive they find, to their astonishment, women were filling a variety of jobs traditionally performed by men. They meet Candy Pruitt while she’s working on a fire engine. It takes all their persuasion skills and bit of scheming to convince her, but Candy finally finds women who agree to make the journey.

The rough conditions and simple lifestyle of a small town in the Pacific Northwest is a stark contrast to the relative comfort and convenience of a bustling town in Massachusetts, and the women are disillusioned. Candy has fallen into the role of leader among the women, and after the brothers convince her to stay, she manages to get the women to give it a shot for a year. It helps that she and young Jeremy are developing a sweet attraction to each other.

As the men and women mingle, relationships develop, rivalries form, and Aaron does his best to find ways to get the brothers to lose their bet, and default on the loan. When conflicts arise, saloon owner Lottie Hatfield, is often there to mediate. The women adore her and she becomes a mother figure to them.

Filled with complex, fascinating characters, drama, romance, and humor, Here Come the Brides is a Western with heart and soul.